SCDDD Press Release on 2019 Nigeria’s Elections.

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The Nigerian state has entered yet another election cycle in our journey of democracy.
As we approach the general elections of 2019, the country has begun to see activities
consistent with democratic norms yet full of aberrations that threatens democracy itself
and our collective aspiration for a stable and progressive nation. If the path of
development through democracy is to be followed diligently, recent events in the polity
portend danger we must avert. We in Savannah Centre have therefore deemed it
necessary to express the need for caution in our national polity. Key players must
exercise extreme sense of decorum and patriotism during this period by avoiding
incendiary comments and engaging in activities that can cause derailment of the
democratic process as we move towards the 2019 general elections.

Click the link below to download the full release.

Heating the national polity


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