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About us

Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development (SCDDD) is an authoritative non-governmental organization committed to research, advocacy training and policy analysis in the areas of conflict prevention, management, democracy and sustainable development in Nigeria and Africa. It was founded in 1993 by Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari, OCORT, CFR; a renowned scholar and seasoned Diplomat, former Nigeria's Foreign Affairs Minister and former United Nations Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs. The Centre began full operation in February 2014.

The SCDDD is leading strategic discussions on inclusive governance for sustainable development, in order to promote human security, sustainable peace, good governance, rule of law and human rights in Nigeria and Africa, shaping public policy through research and knowledge sharing. We are committed to improving the democratic and governance space through advocacy and the provision of context-specific training and solutions to governments, policy makers and some non-state actors.




We pride ourselves in the exceptional way we carry out our duties. Professionalism is not just a buzz word for us, it is a life style embedded in our organizations DNA.



Everyone at the Savannah Centre is an independent thinker capable of generating ideas and coming up with innovative ways to solve emergent problems.



To immerse ourselves in the situations or circumstances of others and see the world from their perspective is very vital to how we conduct ourselves when faced with problems; it also guides us towards creativity in finding sustainable solutions.



At Savannah we work as a team and members of a family. Everyone is carried along and each person is valued for his or her competences and buttons.

Vision And Mission


The SCDDD envisions a prosperous, politically stable, and economically advanced,poverty-free and globally respected African continent, in which states are totally characterized with humane culture and practice of good governance. A continent in which countries and people enjoy the entrenched benefits of democracy and Rule of Law. Freedom of expression, religion and the pursuit of learning through research.


The SCDDD seeks to develop itself as a Centre of Excellence for policy research, dialogue, advocacy and training on diplomacy, democracy and sustainable development through clear and effective recognition of the nexus or inter-relationship between her three thematic areas of focus- Diplomacy, Democracy and Development. This would enhance the Centre’s contribution to the development of Africa through the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) in building “an independent, integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa with a strong voice on global issues driven by her own citizens.

Strategic Framework

The Centre intends to archive its objectives through persistent engagements with policy makers, other civil society organisations, media, sub-regional organisations and the international community, in providing context-specific solutions to Nigeria and Africa’s development challenges through adaptive and pragmatic researches, trainings, programmes and advocacies. It strives to link peace building efforts at the national, regional and global levels.