Africa Regional Dialogue on Sustaining Peace: Shaping UN Strategies for 2018 and Beyond

By SCDDD_USER 3 years ago
The Regional Dialogues which are projected to be for 30-35 participants for each region, would seek, to:   Africa Regional Dialogue on Sustaining Peace: Shaping UN Strategies for 2018 and Beyond   
provide fresh ideas and regional perspectives for more effective responses to sustaining peace, as well as help to build regional support for UNSG’s Sustaining Peace Report and the UNGA’s High-Level Event on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace in 2018.
• establish broad areas of consensus on priority reforms needed in the areas of justice and governance hence sustaining peace and preventing violent conflict, thereby building upon research and consultations undertaken by recent studies, commissions and high-level panels.


  • Social media (including an interactive, multi-lingual web platform that showcases, for example, public campaigning tools, information on network partner institutions, and global public and expert e-consultations) and in-person public awareness-raising activities and social mobilization campaigns.
  • Regular public outreach through television, radio, prints media, and social media.
  • Op-eds, substantive policy reports, and public speaking.
  • Direct outreach to government, business, civil society, and international organization leaders, including UN Mission, G20 country, and regional organization member state consultations.
  • A specialized “Youth Engagement Track” to target and harness the talents and idealism of students and young professionals.
  • Dissemination of the forthcoming (January 2018) edited companion volume to the Albright-Gambari Commission, Just Security in an Undergoverned World (OUP) and other scholarly papers / journal articles.
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