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After 12years of working in the UN and shuttling between tough terrains, mediating crises, resolving conflicts as well as preaching the gospel of global peace, Prof Ibrahim Gambari, CFR decided to return to Nigeria to use his expertise and experience to help address the enormous developmental challenges that Nigeria, ECOWAS and Africa are grappling with. He established Savannah Centre to focus on the nexus between peace, democracy and development. Often times, most ‘think tanks’ are established to deal with one or two of the above three thematic issues. Savannah Centre was established on the underlying principle that peace, development and democracy are inextricably linked. Gambari was inspired by two UN Secretaries-General, both Africans – Boutros Boutros- Ghali and Kofi Annan. They both wrote seminal reports that dealt with peace, development and democracy in the world.

Policy Monitoring and Dialogue programme (PMD)

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To strengthen social accountability by fostering strategic communication and collaborative actions that would catalyze policy responses to address key governance issues in Nigeria.
In recent times, the Nigerian State has been confronted with a number of challenges ranging from the National Structure of governance, insecurity across the country (on account of cattle rustling, Shiite revolt, the Avengers in the South-South and kidnappings for ransom, sectional agitations arising from perceived injustices), terrorism/violent extremism in the Northeast, and national economic recession. All these issues have a direct bearing and correlation with the state of governance in the Country.
Addressing Nigeria’s critical governance issues need to be achieved through a collective-action approach that seeks to employ context-specific solutions.
Savannah Centre’s efforts in the series of dialogue sessions would be seeking to engage all the stakeholders, in a holistic manner, practical ways to finding sustainable solutions to the multiple challenges facing Nigeria.
The first Dialogue Forum will be coming up in December which will be targeted specifically at the State of the Nigerian Economy: Threats, Challenges and Opportunities. The programme will bring together key stakeholders from the Government, Private, Academia and Civil Society.

This project is funded by the Ford Foundation

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