The Nigerian Prison Service was established in 1861 along with the advent of Lagos Colony. Over the years and along the developmental trajectory of modern independent Nigeria, the Nigerian Prison Service has witnessed challenges in the discharge of it’s mandate. Over crowded facilities, broken down infrastructures and colonial mindset in the approach to mandate has been the challenges of the Service. Aware of this, the Federal Government of Nigeria has changed the orientation of the Service by the promulgation of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) Act of 2019. It is a transformation that seeks to make both the custodian and non custodian components meet international best practices. This is a huge task not just for the Service but for the entire nation. In realization of the task Savannah Centre has thrown its expertise in support of NCoS to achieve a complete new focus and national impact. Pursuant to this, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Savannah Centre and NCoS. The major areas of collaboration include: capacity building, advocacy, research and skill acquisition for inmates. Over the next three years, SCDDD shall be engaged in making meaningful impact in the correctional services to citizens and society. The MoU was signed on 13 October, 2021 at the headquarters of NCoS.
Work has indeed commenced with the establishment of a powerful joint implementation team. It’s inaugural meeting was held at SCDDD Conference Room on the 20 October. Series of this joint meeting are expected in the course of implementing the project.