Council of the Wise

In August 2014, Savannah Centre, with support from the MacArthur Foundation, created a Council of the Wise consisting of elder statesmen who served as a trusted voice for the promotion of peaceful elections during Nigeria’s 2015 elections.

Kogi State Retreat – Aimed at innovative strategies for the development of Kogi State

The SCDDD replicated a 3 – day retreat in Kogi State on “Innovative Strategies for the Development of Kogi State” in August 2016, aimed at collaborating with the State Government to generate more realistic or innovative ideas that would practically leverage on the States exploitable human and material resources and build capacities focused on learning from the lessons of the past to promote durable unity and peaceful co-existence among the multi-ethnic groups of the state for sustainable economic growth and development that would bring the State to a comparative development level with the rest of the federating units.